Romantic Places to Visit and Date Hot Girls in the Philippines

If you are looking to take your significant other to a place, they will never forget, consider the historic wonders, the natural beauty and the clear beaches of Philippines. There are many grounds to discover that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, which makes it the best choice for a very romantic and unique date.

Manila, the country’s capital, is where most flights land in the Philippines. Once you get there, take a day or two to enjoy the historical sites such as the district of Intramuros. Nearby, you can find museums, the Rizal Park, and amazing historical attractions such as the island of Corregidor in Manila Bay, which held a battle during World War II.

For something more relaxing, visit the province of Batangas to find Tagaytay’s views over Lake Taal, the Crater Lake with the volcano. It’s just 2 hours south of Manila. Further South of Tagaytay, you’ll find Anilao, a small coastal town that some people are saying is the best scuba diving place. Adjacent to Anilao is the province of Agriculture named Laguna. It is the best place for its delicious coconut pie and de-stressing hot springs.

Now heading north of Manila is where you’ll find the fabulous beaches and theme parks of Subic Bay.

In the north of the Luzon, islands are the beautiful islands of Batanes. Check out the buildings like the Fundacion Pacita, the Yukon Church, and the Basco Lighthouse. There are also historic sites. One of the most popular one in Batanes is the Dipnaysupuan Japanese tunnel made in WWII. The Valugan Boulder Beach and the Wayang rolling hills are beautiful landscape to explore.

Most visitors agree that the great numbers of island and islets of Visayas are one of the most romantic places to visit. The island of Boracay is also famous for being one of the world’s top destinations for relaxation. It is also gaining recognition as the top destinations for tranquility and nightlife. It was awarded as the best beach in the world by travel magazine Travel + Leisure. The gorgeous skies and soothing waters make it a great place for a dating environment. If you find Boracay to be a little too touristy, try Panglao Island off Bohol. The therapeutic beaches of Malapascua off the northern top of Apo Island or the tiny Cebu Island.

For trekking and climbing, head to Mount Kanlaon National Park on Negros, one of the finest wilderness areas. The biggest city in the Visayas, Cebu City, is another arrival point for a smaller number of international flights and a big hub for domestic flights, making it a good alternative to Manila. It’s a friendly, welcoming city with a fun nightlife scene, great restaurants, and live music.


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The Philippines are full of great lands to discover, that can fulfill the sense of adventure of any variety. As a couple, the country allows you to experience what it is you are looking for, either physical activities, making new friends in the city or relaxing at the many beaches this country has to offer. So, no matter what it is you’re looking for to have a memorable date, your options is as numerous as the Philippine islands.