Binge-Worthy Chuckles: Must-Watch Telugu Comedy Films on aha OTT

Telugu films offer a distinctive blend of drama/action and, yes, side-splitting comedy. The Indian film industry is a vast and colourful place, and Telugu humour is a laugh riot that is ready to be discovered. Forget about the general perceptions you may have about them.

Your ticket to a belly-laugh-inducing journey is this guide. We’ll cover a wide spectrum of topics, including humorous social satires that will surprise you and classic romantic comedies with clever dialogue. There is something for everyone in Telugu comedy film, regardless of your level of experience with comedies.

Prepare to embrace the power of physical comedy and meet unforgettable characters. You’ll undoubtedly find a completely new way to laugh!


The film “MenToo” was released in 2023. It’s a comedy drama in Telugu. Srikanth G. Reddy wrote and directed it. Brahmaji plays a crucial role. Mourya Siddavaram produced it under Lantern Creative Works.

 Aditya, Sanju, and Munna are three people with different backgrounds. They frequently visit a unique bar known as “Stags Only.”. It is here that they come across men who have been negatively impacted by pseudo-feminist beliefs. One of their newfound friends is Rahul, an IT specialist who has been falsely accused of having an affair. As the narrative progresses, Rahul’s situation takes centre stage. This starts the MenToo movement.

2.Veyi SubhamuluKaluguNeeku 

Chaithu, a determined TV show director, works hard to save up and finally buys the dream house his father always wanted. He expects happiness and satisfaction but faces unexpected challenges once they move in. This puts a strain on his relationship with his girlfriend, who begins to distance herself. In order to keep his promises and save his relationship, Chaithu must find a way to overcome these obstacles.

  1. Keedaa Cola

 The year 2023 saw the release of this crime-comedy film in Telugu. Director and script writer Tharun Bhascker is involved. It has an outstanding cast. Vivek Sagar wrote the enthralling soundtrack for the movie.

A bunch of pals decide to make some quick cash. They take on the challenge of their lifetime! They come up with a scheme to place a cockroach in a well-known soda bottle. Driven by desperation and a spirit of daring, they plunge into the realm of covert missions. They encounter a series of funny mishaps and unforeseen challenges as they navigate through their plan.

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