Ground Of A Divorce: Why Do You A Lawyer?

Ground Of A Divorce: Why Do You A Lawyer?

There are a lot of families today that are getting broken due to some serious reasons. Some just filed because they fell out of love with their partner, which is very shallow. Possibly, this can’t be granted by the Houston court. Thus, these married people choose to separate ways without filing a divorce. As a result, they are not free to love someone legally and the children will be affected by the whole scenario.

There are several grounds for filing a divorce case, which can be explained by a certified divorce lawyer in Houston tx.

Grounds of a divorce

Each country has a different family law following. So, if you are living a Texas citizen, then you must be aware of the grounds for divorce. Texas has seven grounds for filing a divorce:

  1. Insupportability. It means conflict or discord of personalities that prevented any reasonable expectation of reconciliation.
  2. Living separately. This ground requires the spouse lived apart without cohabitation (at least three years).
  3. Confinement. A ground where a spouse has been confined in a mental hospital for at least three years. Also, it is another requirement that the mental disorder is in nature or inborn.

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  1. Adultery. A spouse must provide proof of doing the said doings. To have another child with another person is solid proof.
  2. Cruelty. A situation when a spouse treats the other spouse cruelly while living together without getting any support.
  3. Felony conviction.
  4. Abandonment. A reason for a divorce that requires the spouse to have left the complaining spouse for at least one year.

Who is entitled to file a divorce?

It is the most common question of wives and husbands. Who can file a divorce? Is it the wife or the husband? Both can file a divorce in Texas. As long as they have one of the seven grounds for a divorce. The women’s rights are the same as the men’s rights in Texas in divorce. Whether it is just a division of marital assets or an award of spousal support, both parties are subject to the same considerations and rules, which are imposed by the Texa Court.

If you think that you have experienced one of the grounds of divorce, then don’t imprison yourself with the wrong person to be with you for a lifetime. You have the right to free yourself from someone who is not capable of being a wife or husband for you.

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