How Filing A Divorce In Singapore Made Possible?

  • admin September 24, 2022
Filing A Divorce

Some married couples are no longer happy in their marriage life. Trials came up until both of them gave up. One party may decide to file a divorce case against the spouse, which can be difficult for both parties. Why? The other party might make the divorce case complicated. But, before filing a divorce case, the party should have legal grounds for filing the divorce against the spouse.

Legal grounds to get a divorce

There are several grounds to get a divorce in Singapore, and one of them is to be married for at least three years. Getting a divorce in Singapore requires marriage for at least three years. There are special cases like a divorce is possible to file before three years of marriage. But, you need to prove that the spouse is exceptionally unreasonable and cruel.

Divorce In Singapore

What are the reasons to consider? Here are they:

  • Exceptional hardship
  • Exceptionally unreasonable and cruel

The applicant must use personal circumstances to persuade the court that exceptional hardship is a whole. However, there are severe circumstances that justify an early divorce. In this case, you will discuss it with a divorce lawyer to know if the situation falls under extreme circumstances. If you are still looking for a lawyer in Singapore for a Divorce, contact Tembusu Law today. traced that there are no exceptional circumstances, the marriage must be lastest for at least three years before the complainant can file for divorce.

Who is eligible to file a divorce in SG?

As a complainant planning to file a divorce in the SG justice system, the spouse or you are residing at the opening of the divorce proceedings. Or, either of you should be residing in Singapore for three years immediately before divorce proceedings commencement. Your relation to Singapore matters when filing a divorce in the country. In case you are a foreigner in SG, you can always refer to whether foreigners are eligible to file a divorce in Singapore.

By law in Singapore

By law in Singapore, irretrievable marriage breakdown is the only ground for divorce. There are other terms used for the grounds of divorce:

  • Unreasonable behavior
  • Adultery

These facts show that the marriage has broken down irretrievably; this is a common misunderstanding. Before talking about proving an irretrievable breakdown, you should educate yourself about the pre-conditions for getting a divorce.

To file a divorce in Singapore, talking to a divorce lawyer in SG helps you understand everything.

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