How to protect the children against crimes?

Nowadays there are a lot of offenses are happening to children physically and mentally. Children are the victims most times. So, they protect these young buds from offenders to develop the nation. Because of the expansion of internet access, these crimes up to the next level by taking extra dimensions like exploiting their career.

Steps that help to prevent the crimes:

The first thing to protect them is to educate them are all the things they should avoid when they come across. Teach them the ways which protect them from crimes like play or walk along with friends. Ask them to avoid places like vacant buildings, tall buildings, construction areas, etc., and find the best safest routes for their travel.

  • Effective parenting helps them better to judge the situations and avoid them.
  • Another step that helps a lot to prevent is raising awareness about child abuse.
  • Adaptation of strong data systems helps to raise the violence.
  • Joining with other governments helps to develop the international community helps to put the offenders into criminal justice.
  • Enact the law, and enforcement punishes the offenders from escape.
  • Creation of violence if there are children crimes to make the legislations stronger.

There are lots of legalrules that help to prevent crimes against children. Every country uses its own legislation. Some examples of it are:

  • Child Abuse Prevention and Adoption Reform Act
  • Prohibition of child marriage act
  • Protection of children from sexual offenses act
  • The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act – The amendments in this act, increase the age limit for children’s crimes to 20 years. The punishment in this life imprisonment or death. This gains its significance because it includes boys also in this category. Punishment happens when the exposure of the child to sexual abasement and materials. This also includes the crimes committed in person or online. They base this on the statement of the child and behave like child-friendly courts. Here they do the recordings in their home or their place of convenience.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is taking all the efforts to help the children. These organizations help in building skills in the professionals like teachers and social workers who are working with children to address the violence. It also helps in the expansion of services like social welfare, child-friendly justice, and finds out the child victims to help them. It works with the governments to end the harassment. Parent’s guide the children and establish a friendly relationship with them, and it helps to open up their problems and find the solutions.

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