The Importance of Selecting Cloud Computing Services


Cloud computing is the most demanded service known in the technology market; The reason is that this service offers many benefits to users. Let’s find out the possible reasons for the popularity of cloud computing services.

Its popularity is based on the following benefits or advantages it offers:

Cost reduction. The benefits of the cloud are associated with lower costs for both users and website owners. Users can access virtually anywhere and store documents or data online. The advantage lies in reducing software reproduction costs for owners, and server space rental has become more convenient and profitable.

Storage capacity. The storage and maintenance of documents is essential for the user. The space provided is not limited by cloud computing compared to a PC. Furthermore, the user does not need to perform a system update either.

Automatic update. These functions are performed automatically on the server. Service providers do not need to hire staff to update servers; on the other hand, the user does not need to download software updates.

IBM i cloud

Saving time. The benefits of the cloud also provide users with computing flexibility by saving time and money for both the provider and the user. The user does not have to spend time setting up a data warehouse and other data-related activities, including backups.

Mobility. Another benefit that the cloud offers the user is the mobility function, which allows you to connect regardless of the ownership of the system. The user can connect from any system installed anywhere as long as they have an Internet connection. A person can access your data from any computer located in any geographic location.

Exchange. A key component of cloud computing is the ability to share resources. Virtually anyone can access the resources available. It can also include specific users and groups or companies that share documents with defined users through IBM i cloud.

Other benefits. These include the security of data stored online, which is less likely to be lost or damaged. The possibility of storing copies of files required by users with different versions. Don’t fear the security of the data as a backup is created automatically, and different copies of the data are stored in different locations.


Considering all the above reasons, it goes without saying that cloud computing has many reasonable advantages. So opting for this service is a win-win situation for everyone. Also, the most important thing to remember is that these services are simple, and the service provider will secure all the information related to the data.

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